Ok, I get some of y’all are really excited about Taemin’s solo debut and you have a right to be. But people also have a right to be critical of shit SME does.

You have to separate the issues - It’s not hating on Taemin (those that do - stop that immediately!), it’s questioning SME’s choices.

It’s entirely possible BOTH to be excited for Taemin, and question why there’s this blatant favoritism of him at the cost of other members.

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#YES #apparently someone said i support other members and shit on taemin :/ #but no im just annoyed at how sm pampers him so much
Anonymous whispered: How can you support all the other members but just SHIT on taemin because he gets an amazing opportunity like this? have you even thought of the possibility that sm might have actually asked jonghyun if he wanted to do a solo debut but he may have declined? we already know that onew had throat surgery and it's not healthy for the voice to be stressed by singing after going under an operation not long ago. i'm fucking sick of it. why does taemin always receive the most shit out of shinee?!

ok sorry if i got offensive because i was kinda annoyed, but i don’t think you can just accuse me of “supporting all the other members but just shit on taemin”. he is my bias of shinee and he still is, i just don’t get the point of the company pampering him so much. i mean, it’s WAY too obvious that sm is giving him all the good stuff. and do you really think sm asks for permission before doing stuff to their artists? i honestly don’t think sm has to ASK jonghyun if they want him to do a solo debut, they just make him do it. as for jinki yes i know he had surgery but i am not asking for his solo album right now am i? yes it is an amazing opportunity to let taemin shine, but i think he is the last one of the five who needs an opportunity like a solo debut. again, i just think sm has been making it too obvious that they are giving all attention to taemin. and no, taemin does not receive the most shit, it’s just that sm has been putting so much effort on him and kinda neglecting the other 4, which made a lot of us shawols upset and annoyed.

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ok so it is now official that Taemin is getting a solo album. He is my bias and will always be, but this time I really don’t like it. He already got so much attention when Jjong wasn’t there during the WSS era, and vocally I think Jinki should get a solo album first cuz HE DESERVES MORE. I will still buy the album for collection, but that doesn’t mean I like it when SM pampers him like crazy. It kinda annoys me when I feel that he is slowly detaching from the group, and I just have to wait until Taemin leaves the group and starts his solo career. It just annoys me, it just does.

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Jjong’s confession(?) on Blue Night

"I often get asked why me and Taemin’s room is so organized. I’m here to say that it’s all thanks to me. He never picks up after himself. You’re welcome, Taemin-ah."

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Quality is shit but anyways. Didn’t have a fanfic idea so I ended up drawing instead. Quite a new thing for me to draw on brown paper lol

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Hhahaha Jjong always well-mannered <3 

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